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Bali — Wikipédia

Écologie. Bali comporte de nombreuses espèces d'oiseaux, dont l'étourneau de Bali qui est le seul oiseau endémique de l'île (aujourd'hui extrêmement rare et en danger d'extinction).

The striking divide in the Toronto-area housing …

There’s a striking divide in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) housing market as buyers flock to western municipalities. Halton Region, in particular, has been drawing buyers, an analysis by Re/Max ...

Canadians aren’t saving nearly enough money - The …

Canadians aren't saving enough of their money. And as Douglas Porter points out, there's little incentive to do so. Mr. Porter, Bank of Montreal's chief economist, recently looked at who's winning ...

Volcanic winter - Wikipedia

A volcanic winter is a reduction in global temperatures caused by volcanic ash and droplets of sulfuric acid and water obscuring the Sun and raising Earth's albedo (increasing the reflection of solar radiation) after a large, particularly explosive volcanic eruption.

Chams - Wikipedia

In the 1960s various movements emerged calling for the creation of a separate Cham state in Vietnam. The Liberation Front of Champa (FLC – Le Front pour la Libération de Cham) and the Front de Libération des Hauts plateaux dominated.

FreeBMD: Phonetic Equivalents

Phonetic equivalents This page gives the surnames in the database that are phonetically the same and thus a search of any one name in a group will find all the names in the group.

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