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Labin | Istria | Croatia

Labin. The medieval town of Labin is situated on the hill above Rabac. Its old name of Albona was first mentioned in 285 AD. The birthplace of Matthias Flacius Illyricus, the reformer and collaborator of Martin Luther, it is a cultural and administrative center today.

Excursions - Labin

Excursions. The travel agencies in Rabac offer a variety of excursions to satisfy anybody's taste and at reasonable prices. Here are some of the proposals of excursions you can book in order to get more familiar with the surrounding area you have chosen for your holiday or, simply, to have lots of fun.

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ISTRIA – The official web site of the Tourist board. Hotels, camping, private accommodation & more in Istria. Towns, places, events, history, culture, sports ...

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