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Column-oriented DBMS - Wikipedia

A column-oriented DBMS (or columnar database management system) is a database management system (DBMS) that stores data tables by column rather than by row.

Locking an element using TI - TM1 Forum

27/01/2017 · roy2087 it makes no sense to use a cube view as data source to lock/unlock an element. To make the process generic datasource should be NONE you just need 3 parameters; dimension, element and lock or unlock.

Can SQL 2016 be used with Project 2016 for OLAP

The software reqs document for Project Server 2016 clearly states that it supports "Microsoft SQL Server 2016 RTM". But further down in the same doc under the heading of "Cube Building Service

Introduction to Data Cubes - Department of …

Example: We have a database that contains transaction information relating company sales of a part to a customer at a store location. The data cube formed from this database is a 3-dimensional representation, with each cell (p,c,s) of the cube representing a combination of …

Between operator in Webi - ForumTopics.Com

03/03/2012 · Dear All, We are using bo XI 3.1 sp2. We have OLAP universe derived from BW Bex query. In webi report I am not able create varible with following expression.

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