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Susan B. Anthony - Wikipedia

Susan B. Anthony (February 15, 1820 – March 13, 1906) was an American social reformer and women's rights activist who played a pivotal role in the women's suffrage movement.

1981-P Dollar Coin | Susan B Anthony Dollar | …

1981-P Susan B Anthony Dollar Coin The 1981-P Susan B Anthony Dollar Coin had a mintage of just 3,000,000. The composition of these coins is called "cupronickel", 91.66% copper and 8.34% nickel.

Susan B. Anthony dollar - Wikipedia

The Susan B. Anthony dollar is a United States dollar coin minted from 1979 to 1981, when production was suspended due to poor public acceptance, and then again in 1999.

What Is A 2000 Susan B. Anthony Coin Worth?

Hi there 😊 Susan Brownell Anthony was a civic rights leader who became famous because of promoting women's rights and her advocacy of giving the right to vote for women.

Susan B. Anthony Dollars (1979-1999) | Complete …

The Susan B. Anthony Dollar was introduced in 1979, as the first modern small sized dollar coin. Additional production only took place in 1980, 1981, and in 1999, following an eighteen year gap.

Susan B Anthony Organization

Addiction therapy services at Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center include group, family, and individual counseling. Furthermore, we offer couples counseling, trauma incident reduction sessions, psychoeducational groups, and clinical pre-post testing.

Susan B. Anthony Dollar - PCGS CoinFacts offers information to all collectors of United States coins, including thousands of full color coin images, rarity, and historical information

Susan B. Anthony One Dollar Coin Values and Prices

The United States Mint issued Susan B. Anthony one dollar coins from 1979 through 1981 and then again in 1999. Although you do not find them in circulation very often, they …

Anthony Lake — Wikipédia

Anthony Lake, né le 2 avril 1939 à New York, est un diplomate et homme politique américain. Il fut conseiller à la sécurité nationale sous la présidence de Bill Clinton de 1993 à 1997.

Most Valuable Susan B. Anthony Dollar 1978-81 …

The top most expensive and valuable US Susan B Anthony Dollars. 1979-S MS68 $5,175. The most rare, grades, dates and varieties for SBA Dollar coins.

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