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Rashid Ramzi - Wikipedia

Rashid Ramzi (Arabic: رشيد رمزي ‎) (born July 17, 1980) is a Moroccan-Bahraini track and field athlete competing internationally for Bahrain in the 800 metres and 1500 metres.

Enabling opportunity - Saudi Aramco

The greatest opportunity to reduce emissions from tomorrow’s transport sector comes from developing innovative fuel formulations and efficient internal combustion engine technologies today.

Descendants of Chirine -

Eight generations of Chirines Princess Fawzia of Egypt and Colonel Ismail H. Chirine (pictures courtesy Kadria Aziz Zaki)

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Juba est le nom d'une petite ville en somalie, dans cette ville coule un fleuve qui porte le même nom. Youssef, a travaillé dans cette ville comme soldat à l'ONU.

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